Prepared for the worst
When the fight was over, nothing was solved. But nothing mattered.

the years seem to pass with an exhilarating speed that increases with age. this is real. this is the end of an era. an era in which i lost my self to the snow, you know, i rode the wave of self destruction, across the sands of youth and corruption. and here, i watched the stars move. here, i watched us all lose. for what felt like years, i watched the tide roll in. and out. on repeat. with a love for the light, and a hatred for the heat. the past two years of my life were real, and what hurt, hurt terribly. the pain was immense, and the blood and the sweat and the tears created stains that will never go away. but it seems, with time, they fade. with love, they become unrecognizable. in the middle of the darkness, i found light. i learned to love. to live with an appreciation that exceeds any emotion i have ever felt. the stains are gone, the fire, incendiary. learn to love, the rest is temporary. and though it may seem unforgiving, i promise you, itís a life worth living.
(kris kidd)

Couldn't have found words which were better off describing those past years. After yearning for the burning dirt, why not trying to walk on the crusty surface? And smile.
13.1.11 03:20

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